Last Friday I read this article that really shocked me – a vessel was caught in Palawan with seventy dead pawikans or sea turtles. I got really emotional that day. It is not hard to love animals, I see them as creatures who are harmless unless provoked. My favorite channel is the Animal Planet and I get so engrossed with all their programs whether it shows cute puppies and kittens, the wild African safari or even parasites. I get so invested on the information of how animals interact with each other, the food chain and of course their relationship with people. I feel so bad whenever I watch videos of how seals are clubbed in the North Pole, just because there are too many of them and it has been the tradition for so many years now. I feel pain for the guinea pigs, monkeys and dogs that have never seen daylight because they have been inside laboratories where they are experimented on. I feel enraged every time I get to watch documentaries wherein the Japanese go whaling. I feel nauseous every Chinese dog festival that is broadcasted annually. I feel really bothered by the fact that poachers do not care about the lives of the animals they kill just to get ivory, shark fins, and shells of turtles. I do not see the reasoning behind all this violence and I feel bad that we, humans, who are supposed to care for them are hurting them in every possible manner that can be thought of for advancement of science, for fun, for tradition, for selfishness. I do know that most of the poachers are uneducated people, driven by hunger and all they want is to get money from selling items; but there are also scientists who test animals for pharmaceutical and cosmetic reasons. I do not see how it is fair with the animals who cannot really talk for themselves. It is human’s fault why most of the fauna are endangered and extinct. What is worse is that some people just don’t feel remorse; in fact, some are just way too barbaric like those who hunt lions or elephants just for the fun of it. My heart goes to all of the creatures that are not able to protest against the humans who exploit nature. They are fascinating creatures but there are other ways of marvelling on them rather than putting them inside aquarium tanks or zoos.

This is the reason why I suggested PAWS to our Service Learning group. It is the closest that I could get to help those loveable animals in need… for now. We have planned everything out and I do hope that the shelter animals will enjoy the food that we will be preparing for the feeding program this coming Thursday. The shelter has required us to bring fifteen kilos of boiled sawdust or ground pork together with three and a half kilos of rice, these will be for the dogs; and eight large pumpkins and eighteen kilos of galungong fish also boiled in water with no seasoning. We have to be at PAWS by two in the afternoon so that there will be time to tour around the facility and short orientation. I am super excited that we will be able to help the Philippine Animal Welfare Society with their mission to alleviate pain and suffering in animals. I do hope to also submit my volunteer form this year to them, this way I can fulfill my goal to start doing something for the animals.

For now I will leave my blog with a video below that has really moved me. I was cutting onions when I watched this so there was no surprise that my eyes got super wet.




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