It has now been a week since we conducted our Service Learning Activity with Philippine Animal Welfare Society. My group mates and I are now planning to talk to the Graduate School Student Council to propose a plan that will hopefully help PAWS in promoting their current and future events. This is still in line with our goal to find a long-term solution to support this Non-Government Organization. If the Student Council will approve, someone from PAWS will send a soft copy of poster promos of their events and programs and SC will be the one to print it and post in the board of La Salle. We talked to Sharon and she said that they really lack man power and the rest were monetary and budget issues. Since we would not have the luxury of time to conduct a fund-raising activity for them, we thought the best we can do for them is help them with their activities and events. At least this will not be just temporary; hopefully this will also be feasible for future Student Council in La Salle.

As I wrote on my blog last week, I was planning to volunteer for PAWS and submit my filled-out form before August 5 so I can be part of the official volunteers for this NGO. Then last Sunday, I went to my Uncle’s house. He is also an animal lover like me. He actually has ten dogs and feeds the cats that go to their house so some cats already feel at home there. He told me that he tagged PAWS in one of the pictures that he posted. There was a dog stuck in the middle island of Commonwealth and he had been there for three days already. Problem was he never got a response so he does not know if the dog was rescued. After a few days, the dog was gone, he did not know the dog died or someone had rescued him. Hopefully it was the latter. I felt the obligation to answer for PAWS (haha I was getting ready to be a volunteer!), I told him that they are really lacking man power. They do not have a lot of people that would answer social media posts nor the emails. I explained to him that they did not have much of a problem with manpower during the weekends because that is also the time that most volunteers do not have work, but during the weekdays, they only have three caretakers and two personnel in the office. I do imagine the work that they have to do, not to mention that they have to pay two hundred thousand pesos for expenses every month. I know with this expense, they cannot really afford to pay for employees and they really depend on volunteers to get work done.

Yesterday I was talking to my dog, as all dog parents do. I told him how lucky he is because he is sheltered and well-loved while the the dogs in PAWS were victims of abuse and neglect. Then I thought it was sill because I know he would never comprehend what I am saying, instead he will only know that he is loved and well-fed. I guess it goes the same way with kids and kids can sometimes be even ungrateful to their parents, which is sad because humans, from what I expect, are more intelligent beings because we were given the freedom to choose. With this, how come some humans are less responsible of their pets? Is it because they are ignorant? Sometimes when I see videos of humans abusing animals, I want to ask them how they would feel if someone more powerful does to him what he or she is doing to the animals. The golden rule says do unto others what you want others to do unto you. I believe this applies to all the living things in our world; the animals, the trees, the plants, the insects and other humans as well. So why do people still choose to be horrible? I do not have the answer. I don’t really want to know the answer. I just hope that they get enlightened.


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