Life has always been a mystery to me as death has always been my greatest fear. If you think about it, all humans live and die but my question lingers. “What is the purpose of life?” Some will talk about faith and religion, some will talk about love, some will talk about family, relationships and love, some of adventures and some will talk about power, glory and achievements. One can think about anything when the topic is life and the list will go on and on. I heard someone tell me that the beauty of life lies within the knowledge that one will die in the end so one should cherish living before dying. I have watched videos that make one realize that some people don’t get to live at all but my question lingers. “How do you live your life?” I was born in the late 80’s. I lived through the great earth quake of the early 90’s. The oldest memory I think I have is me playing with sand with my Mama. I went to Guardian Angel Academy and I pooed in my panties when I was in nursery. I survived over two recessions.  I transferred to St. Scholastica’s Academy Marikina and graduated High School with a loyalty award. I made Miriam College my stepping stone to transfer to the University of the Philippines Diliman (not that I do not want to study in Miriam, it’s just that I have dreamed of being called a Scholar ng Bayan since I was a kid). I graduated with flying colors in 2011 and landed on my first job in Maersk GSC days before I graduated. I resigned after a year and transferred to Accenture and resigned after two years in finance. I went back to Customer Service in FMC and I am still with them until today, but not in November since Dupont had acquired the Health and Nutrition sector. I went to seven Aisan countries and countless local destinations where my most loved beaches are in El Nido, Palawan. And now I decided to take my knowledge and skills further by enrolling in De La Salle University as an MBA student. Am I proud of what I have become? I believe so. Was it a smooth journey? Definitely not even thought it looks like that from the way I wrote it. There were countless nights that I have not been able to sleep well, over thinking on what step should I next take. But the same question lingers. “Who do I live for?”  My family has always been my strength. They are my inspiration every single day. My Mama and my Papa taught me to always give everything that I got in doing something. They shaped me to be the person who I am today and I will always be grateful for that. Because of them I always strive to give my best and I believe that I can only compete with myself. I always want to do better today than yesterday. Then there is the love of my life, my husband. He gives me strength and he supports me every step of the way. We do not have much in common but we complement each other in so many ways. He is an introvert while I am the exact opposite. He likes to stay at home and I like to go out and spend it outdoors, but we find travelling a common ground. He loves his camera and I just simply love nature. It is in secluded beaches, temples, mountains and foreign cities where we find both peace of mind.  But all my questions linger and even with all that I have written, I know I do not have all the answers.


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