Work is essential for us to live. It becomes an outlet for your talent. It becomes an outlet for your frustrations in life. It becomes an outlet for your skills. In most of the Philippine companies, it is required to spend a minimum of forty hours a week in the office. That is forty eight hours if we include lunch time. For those who travel at least one hour a day going to the office, that is fifty three hours a week. For those who travel at least one hour going home from the office, that is fifty eight hours a week. For those who wake up at least two hours before going out, that is sixty eight hours a week. For those who spend at least two hours of overtime every single day at the office, that is seventy eight hours a week. For those who encounter traffic going to the office and going back home, that is not one hour of travel; that is two to three hours ( let us make it three hours one way); that is already ninety eight hours a week dedicated to solely just work. How many hours do we have in one week? One hundred and seventy hours a week. Deduct ninety eighty hours that means we only have seventy two hours left. If we try to get eight hours of sleep every single day we are left with sixteen hours a week. If there are fifty three weeks in one year, that is eight hundred and forty eight hours a year. If there are no holidays, out of eight thousand seven hundred and sixty hours a year, our “me” time is equivalent to only nine to ten percent. That is roughly thirty five days dedicated to yourself for one year. In a person’s lifetime, one works for around thirty to forty years. That means we dedicate two hundred thirty seven thousand and three hundred and sixty hours in one lifetime to work. I am not sure if what I said makes sense but I know people who live like this. I just think it is not enough to live a life, or is it?

You live to work and die working. So are businesses ethical? You earn money to live your life. You create businesses to give jobs. These are jobs in which employees will dedicate seven thousand and sixty four hours of their lives a year so they can live. I have not yet computed how many hours of a person’s life are dedicated to educating themselves in order to get work. We might have a discussion that would last for years and years, and I am not that sure if I would want to waste a few hours of my life not working wondering if working is worthwhile. But I already am, am I not? So let us get over with it anyway. This is just me over thinking. Obviously. So what do I do with the remaining sixteen hours of my life for the rest of the week? I study. I study Business Administration to make my status better at work. Maybe so I could spend more time at work? I would have to make another computation for that. I am married by the way, so I still have to cook and take care of my husband, not because I am obliged to but because I love doing it. Maybe the solution is to add more hours in a day so I can live the life that I want? I live to work and then eventually I shall die working.


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